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Why choose our law firm over a solo practitioner or small law firm?

We are in an age of specialization and because of the rapid increase in information creation and distribution it is no longer reasonable to expect one attorney to keep up with a number of areas of law or the complexities related thereto. Our law firm is comprised of top legal minds, each focusing on a few areas of law, and each focusing on being the best he or she can be in such areas of practice. This is no different from any other mid to large law firm; however, what makes Shumway Van special is its ability to create strategic teams with the knowledge and resources to best accomplish the task in the most efficient way possible. Our clients work with the right lawyers rather than whatever lawyers are available to bill hours at that particular time.

How will I know which attorney in the group is best for me?

Because so many of our law firm’s clients come from referrals, our lawyers strive to keep the attorney a client was referred to involved in the creation of the legal team that will work on a matter. It is rarely advantageous to have one attorney or one team handle all of a client’s legal matters no matter the type of law that is applicable, most clients get exposure to a number of attorneys. However, each client knows that they can always communicate questions or concerns to the attorney of their choosing. Everyone stays involved when it comes to customer service matters!

How will I be kept informed of the progress of my case?

Our lawyers understand the importance of communication and transparency between an attorney and client. Although we would like the opportunity to discuss the ebb and flow or each matter as it progresses, oftentimes clients prefer status updates via email on a regular basis and phone calls once per month. Lawsuits in particular have a way of stretching out over long periods of time so clients often perceive that ages have gone by without activity. Our attorneys and staff recognize the slow nature of litigation and the frustration that can cause clients so we attempt to make our communications frequent and meaningful and strive to help clients set appropriate expectations while keeping the non-essential costs related to a lawsuit to a minimum.

What will the legal service cost?

Each client is entitled to know, to the extent that our lawyers can reasonably inform the client at the initial consultation, what the legal fees will be. We encourage a frank, open discussion about our fees before and during every legal representation so that expectations can be appropriately set and understanding of concerns achieved and each concern addressed. In a lawsuit there are numerous things that either side can do to dramatically increase cost and/or delay, in addition to the cost associated with dealing with the surprises that often occur when all of the documents are on the table and depositions have been done. Because this is the case it is most difficult to provide an exact price in litigation. That being said, our attorneys try to keep each client informed about the cost of each aspect of a lawsuit so that the client is never surprised by a large legal bill.

What about litigation costs or out-of-pocket expenses?

In addition to legal fees, there are various expenses that must be paid to others in order to prepare your legal matter, some of which meet or exceed the fees the lawyers charge. For example, payments must be made to obtain reports or copies of documents, to employ court reporters for the taking of depositions, to obtain licenses or permits, to file the lawsuit and motions related to in with the court, in addition to other outside services or experts that are necessary to help a client’s claims or defend against an opponent’s attacks. Generally, the amounts of these costs will be in direct proportion to the complexity of the matter involved, however, even a simple matter may require very expensive expert witnesses or need multiple depositions to prove the case when the documents are not enough to do so, both of which are quite expensive. At our law firm we strive to have each client participate in the legal strategy so that a budget can be set and followed, and so that each client understands the potential risk and benefit associated with obtaining third party assistance with the prosecution of the case. For example, a client may only want to spend a few thousand on deposing one person rather than spending thousands and thousands to depose ten people.

What do I do if I have a legal question on a different matter than any pending case?

A phone call to our law office closest to you will allow you to be directed to the attorney or paralegal who can best answer your questions. Remember, no questions about potential claims, liabilities, rights, duties or obligations should go unanswered because knowledge brings comfort and helps you to feel in control of your situation, which is very important. Even if you don’t use our law firm we want to help you to obtain the information that you need to make the right decision related to your legal situation.

What about special office hours?

Because of the number of attorneys we have on staff we welcome walk-ins. It is often beneficial to set up a specific time so that the right attorney is able to meet with you, but if you have an emergency then you should feel free to stop by any of our offices or call to speak with an attorney. From time to time clients request that we meet in the evening or on weekends if the matter cannot wait and we are happy to schedule such a meeting. Our lawyers know how important each legal situation is to each client so we strive to be available whenever our clients need us.

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