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Family Law

Our Family Law Attorneys Are Great Because They Really Care

The lawyers in our law firm’s Family Law & Divorce Practice Group understand that every family law concern, whether minor or earth shattering, can be the most important thing in a client’s life and should be treated that way. Lawyers in this practice group are known for their creative, thoughtful and consistent methods of seeking the resolution of a matter, whether through settlement, mediation, litigation or, if necessary, an appellate process.

Our family lawyers are frequently asked to deal with complex family law situations, such as disputes related to ownership of a family business, joint real estate interests or inherited interests and child custody disputes that span multiple states. When these circumstances arise our family lawyers often utilize lawyers in other practice groups or in our law firm’s other offices. For example, our law firm’s Real Estate, Trust & Estates, and Corporate Practice Groups are available to help in family law cases whenever necessary or desirable.

Practice Areas:

Our firm’s Family Law & Divorce Practice Group is able to represent clients in a wide variety of family law and divorce matters, a few of which are generally described as follows:

  • Marital dissolution;
  • Sophisticated divorces requiring business valuations and/or litigation;
  • Divorce mediations or arbitrations;
  • Child custody proceedings;
  • Guardian ad litem appointments;
  • Palimony;
  • Negotiation of prenuptial agreements;
  • Post judgment matters including appeals, enforcement of orders and judgments, and changes regarding the custody of children.

What if Mediation Fails?

If our clients agree to utilize mediation to resolve a dispute and that process does not provide a desirable outcome for our client, the family lawyers assigned to the case are always well prepared to carry out the litigation through trial and beyond if such is necessary to achieve our clients’ objectives.

What Happens if Our Law Firm Can’t Represent a Client Because of a Conflict?

Many of the lawyers in our firm’s Family Law & Divorce Practice Group are well known in the industry; therefore, sometimes a conflict of interest can arise that would prevent our law firm from representing a client. If, for whatever reason, our lawyers are unable to assist a client with a matter because of a conflict or otherwise, our law firm strives to find competent legal counsel that will assist the client for a reasonable rate.

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