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Natural Resources & Energy

Acquisition of Mineral Properties

The attorneys and paralegals that serve our law firms clients who have oil, gas and other mineral interests have been involved in local and multi-state transactions involving the acquisition and sale of mineral properties for years. The experience of the attorneys in our Natural Resources and Energy Practice Group extends to the acquisitions of mineral interests in federal, state and private lands. Also, our mineral rights and environmental law attorneys have assisted numerous operators in lease acquisitions.

Representation of Oilfield Service Companies

Some of our law firm’s most significant clients in Texas are oilfield service companies. The scope of work for such clients is broad and often includes business acquisition or disposition, license agreements, mergers, equipment leases, human resource compliance, service contract preparation and the litigation that sometimes results from business dealings.

Complex Title Examinations and Acquisition Due Diligence

Our attorneys are able to assist clients by rendering mineral title opinions, status reports, apparent ownership take-off, and other reports. The attorneys in our mineral rights and oil and gas practice groups work from abstracts of title or from their own stand-up searches. The scope of work requested by clients often includes company data room examination; traditional federal and county title searches; permits, approvals, and regulatory compliance searches.

Pipeline Acquisition and Permitting

Our attorneys who work on pipeline acquisition and permitting matters primarily focus on contract negotiation for rights-of-way. Oftentimes they will also work on condemning pipeline rights-of-way for movement of produced minerals or refined products. The initial services provided by the attorneys working in this practice area might include title examinations to determine ownership of along the proposed right-of-way corridor and may continue through to the successful acquisition of the corridor itself.

Federal and State Regulatory Compliance

As you might expect, exploration and production operations are heavily regulated by governmental agencies no matter where the mineral assets are located. Because many of our clients conduct operations in “public land” states as well as states such as Texas, there is often overlapping federal, Indian, and state operational jurisdiction associated with the same project.

The environmental and mineral law attorneys at Shumway Van are able to practice before state oil, gas, and mining conservation commissions, assist clients with associated regulatory permitting and other compliance issues or concerns, and negotiating with various agencies and mineral owners on the wide range of simple or complex permitting matters.

Natural Resources Litigation and Appeals

Our attorneys are able to represent clients in federal and state courts on a broad range of mineral extraction-related litigation, including, when necessary, judicial review of administrative decisions. Our law firm has attorneys who are licensed to practice before the United States Supreme Court; United States Circuit Courts; and United States districts courts for the Districts located in Texas, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. 

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