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Can One Litigation Attorney Actually be Better than Another?

At the law firm of Shumway Van, whenever a client is faced with or starting a litigation process the attorneys on the legal team assigned to the matter begin by establishing the strategy that will most likely achieve the objectives set forth by the client. Our attorneys think about a variety of choices that have to be made during a litigation matter such as cost, discovery, trial strategy, mediation and arbitration and work closely with each client to figure out the best strategy to achieve the objective.

Going through this initial process ensures that both the client and the legal team are on the same page and have reasonable expectations of one another. If you have ever hired an attorney or law firm that has not prepared for the case in a strategy session with you, or seemed to prepare strategy as the case when along, then you understand what that can cost financially and emotionally, so yes, even at the beginning of a case there can be a significant difference between attorneys at different law firms.

Many clients that have hired different attorneys for different litigation matters have realized that there can also be a significant difference between attorneys during the dispute resolution process, whether it is litigation, arbitration, mediation or otherwise.

Because each litigation case is a living, changing experience, our law firm strives to ensure that clients have timely and accurate information about their case so that our clients can discuss situations with us and our attorneys are always pursuing the end-goal at the pace the client sets forth rather than proceeding forward with the legal process simply to move the process forward. Our attorneys believe that the legal process is to be utilized through strategy not followed to satisfy an obligation.

Why Choose to Use Our Litigators?

Our lawyers offer a high level of legal representation for commercial and civil cases with a commitment towards affordable litigation management. Our litigation attorneys are active in both federal and state courts and have significant experience in both as well. Our law firm’s Litigation Practice Group is made up of proficient litigators led by attorneys with substantial trial experience ranging from one-day trials to complicated, multi-week trials.

A few of the areas of law that our attorneys often litigate over include, but are not limited to, real estate and construction, creditors’ rights, contract disputes, shareholder derivative actions, business ownership disputes, intellectual property, misappropriation of trade secrets, and insurance defense.

Practice Areas:

Shumway Van’s litigation attorneys have significant experience in the following commonly recognized types of litigation cases, among many others:

  • Administrative Proceedings
  • Appellate
  • Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights
  • Business Disputes
  • Complex Commercial Litigation
  • Construction Litigation
  • Guardianship and Conservatorship
  • Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Probate and Trusts
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Water Disputes

Alternative Dispute Resolution – Why does a law firm have alternative dispute resolution lawyers?

Shumway Van’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice Group consists of experienced, trained attorneys acting as mediators and arbitrators who assist parties in resolving disputes outside of a court setting. Collectively, each attorney in this practice group has participated in settling or resolving a significant number of mediation and arbitration proceedings.

It is often the case that our law firm’s litigation practice groups coordinate with our Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice Group in order to find an amicable resolution to a dispute in a more efficient and timely manner. As the world becomes more and more litigious the courts’ dockets become more clogged and cases oftentimes can take years to resolve at significant expense.

In order to avoid onerous delays and potentially massive long-term expenses each of our attorneys strives to find a solution that allows us to achieve a client’s objectives as quickly as possible for a reasonable price; this solution is oftentimes an ADR solution.

What Types of Cases Use ADR Processes?

The attorneys in this practice group have extensive arbitration and mediation backgrounds with issues such as:

  • Business and commercial transactions
  • Complex intellectual property transactions
  • Real property and construction
  • Medical malpractice and professional liability
  • Personal injury
  • Family
  • Probate

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