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Technology Transactions

Why Hire Our Intellectual Property Lawyers?

When a business has copyrights among its strategic assets it needs attorneys who understand how to blend legal and business strategies to properly capitalize on and protect such assets. As you would probably also assume, because of the advancement of technology and the ever increasing nature of the global economy, many businesses likewise need attorneys with a fierce command of litigation when a client’s intellectual properties are being challenged.

The lawyers that serve in our law firm’s Technology Transactions Group can bring a depth of understanding to a business’ unique strategies whether such are local, national or international. Our lawyers are able to offer a spectrum of intellectual property services, including, but not limited to trademarks, copyrights, trade regulation, trade secrets, domain names, litigation and alternative dispute resolution. The lawyers serving in this practice group have experience handling copyright portfolios for domestic and international clients, specifically those with Asian, Canadian and Australian interests.

You may ask, is there really a significant advantage to having lawyers who are experienced in intellectual property law and business? We believe the answer to that question is a resounding yes! Because of their experience, our lawyers are able to provide each client with sound yet ingenious intellectual property strategies incorporated with real world functionality so that their businesses can thrive without the stress that is generally associated with dealing with highly valuable intellectual property assets.

Practice Areas:

Shumway Van’s intellectual property attorneys have significant experience in the following generally described areas of intellectual property law, among others:

  • Trademark Litigation
  • Trade Dress Litigation
  • False Advertising Litigation
  • Unfair Competition Litigation
  • Domain Name Litigation
  • Right of Publicity Litigation
  • Advertising Litigation
  • Trademark Cancellations
  • Trademark Oppositions
  • Copyright
  • Domain Name Disputes
  • Employee/Contractor Intellectual Property Agreements
  • Intellectual Property Strategic Counsel
  • Licensing
  • Trade Secrets
  • Trademarks, Service Marks and Trade Dress

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